Hyperhidrosis is excessive and unpredictable sweating that disrupts normal daily activities with psychological, emotional, and social impact. Whether you suffer from sweaty palms, feet, underarms, or a combination, Athens Vein & Thoracic Specialists is committed to providing long-term relief.

The underlying cause of hyperhidrosis stems from nerves within the chest cavity. Hyperhidrosis can either be generalized or localized to specific parts of the body.

Focal Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive sweating that is not generalized but located in specific body regions. The excessive sweating can occur in the hands (palmar hyperhidrosis), the armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis), the face (cranio-facial hyperhidrosis) or the feet (plantar hyperhidrosis). Focal Hyperhidrosis occurs in up to 3% of the population.

Generalized or secondary hyperhidrosis usually involves the body as a whole and is the result of an underlying condition.

The approach to treating excessive sweating generally proceeds as follows:

  • Over-the-counter antiperspirants containing a low dose of metal salt (usually aluminum) are usually tried first because they are readily available. Antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride (for example Certain Dri) may be more effective when other antiperspirants have failed.
  • Prescription strength antiperspirants, which contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate.
    Iontophoresis, a device which passes ionized tap water through the skin using direct electricity.
  • Oral medications, Anticholinergics reduce sweating.
  • Botox (botulinum toxin)-A, has been approved in the U.S. by the FDA for treating excessive axillary (underarm) sweating.
  • Athens Vein & Thoracic Specialists also offers miraDry® for excessive underarm sweating, or axillary hyperhidrosis. This is an FDA cleared, non-invasive, in-office, treatment to permanently eliminate underarm sweat, odor glands, and hair.
  • Surgery. A procedure called thoracic sympathectomy may be considered.


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